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3160 Parsons Rd NW
Edmonton, AB, T6N 1L6


Edmonton based custom long arm quilting. Custom quilter at Sparrow Studioz since September 2011


The YEG Quilter

It"s a quilty kind of life!

March has arrived! By the time we flip the calendar over, I will be a grandma! Or "Beppe", which is the dutch word, and I want to keep some of our heritage honored. I'm first generation that is Canadian born, so these 2 babies that are arriving this spring, will be third generation. I'm afraid that some of the simple things that I assume will be remembered, will be lost. My mom has a book that has details of her generation coming to Canada on boats after the second world war. My 'patchwork" style life has a rich history of strong women, making tough decisions. I hope these little ones will one day feel that strength that has been passed down to them. It is still cold out, it may take a few months for this pretty city to thaw out! Well, in the meantime, hunker down and sew! We need all the quilts we can get to keep warm these days!

Blessings, Sheila


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