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3160 Parsons Rd NW
Edmonton, AB, T6N 1L6


Edmonton based custom long arm quilting. Custom quilter at Sparrow Studioz since September 2011


The YEG Quilter

It's a quilty kind of life!

For those of us who live in a winter country like Canada, we look forward to Spring when it comes to this time of year. But by looking forward we actually might miss the beauty that is all around us right now. The sun is lower, so it is streaming in my studio windows, it is bright and beautiful. Our Alberta blue sky is huge, the footsteps in the snow are proof that we do not hide from the cold. We are out and enjoying our cold winter sun. We dont cower from the challenge of extreme weather, we live, we make a life, because we choose to live here. But there are days when we want to snuggle up close by the fire, with our fvaorite quilt of course, a glass of red wine, and a good book. That does not mean we hide, that means we know when the beauty of the moment is found when we nourish our soul with quiet and warmth. However you find beauty, I hope you find it in this moment.....right now....

Blessings, Sheila


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